Product Details

Uvik UPoS for Transit/ NCMC Applications

Accept NCMC Card Payments by Uvik ‘Tap & Pay’ plug-in – Online + Offline


1. Uvik is the Only Transit Certified SoftPoS solution provider in India

2. Uvik has the only Approved RuPay Contactless SoftPos Kernel Product as per RuPay Terminal Specification V2.0 with all the following applications:

  •         2.1 Retail-21-Attended Online only,
  •         2.2 Retail- 22- Attended Offline with Online capability,
  •         2.3 Retail23-Attended Offline only,
  •         2.4 Transit-91-Attended Online only,
  •         2.5 Transit-92, 93-Attended Offline with Online capability,
  •         2.6 Transit-94-Attended Offline only

3. Uvik can port Rupay solution on Android platform of its Clients Devices also.

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